Getting here by bus is by far the cheapest option from Maun. There are multiple buses which leave from Maun Bus Rank and numerous taxis which will take you to the bus rank. A bus from Maun to Ghanzi is P55 one way. There are many buses from Gabarone and South Africa but Windhoek can be slightly more complicated so please contact us for more information.

A taxi from Maun to Ghanzi usually costs around P5000, though this is a guideline and will depend on your driver.

There is also a small airport in Ghanzi which caters to chartered flights. 



We are happy to come and pick you up from your required pick-up point, provided the journey is on main tar roads.

We charge a rate of P6.50 per kilometre for the round trip e.g. for the 270km trip from Dqae Qare to Maun, we charge P6.50 per km, getting there and bringing you back. A total of 540km or P6510. This is 30% less than the standard taxi rate. 

Please contact us for further information or advice.