After Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania, CKGR is the second largest game reserve in the World.  Covering over half a million hectares, this is one of the World’s last remaining great wildernesses.  Time spent in CKGR is far cry from the flood of tourists one finds in the northern Botswana parks of Moremi and Chobe.  There are places we can take you to in CKGR where you will not see another visitor in months.  This is the heart of the Kalahari basin, a parched landscape of stunted desert scrub giving way to magnificent vast open pans that were once great lakes and slow tropical rivers.  Passarge Valley and the great Deception Valley up north offer an unforgettable landscape while the famous Pipers Pan down south is remote and loved by our most committed adventurers, all are an unequalled space of silence and solitude.

Game is scarce here offering a refuge to the toughest of Africa’s creatures, the Honey Badger, Suricates, Bat Eared Foxes and the lumbering super scavenging Brown Hyena.  It is a kingdom for the beautiful Gemsbok (Oryx) and comical Springbok along with other desert antelope such as Red Hartebeest and the ever-moving great herds of Eland.  Giraffe also thrive here.  CKGR is an ideal habitat for both Leopard and Cheetah and these are often seen, but the Lord of this domain is the magnificent Kalahari Lion, the largest of Africa’s Lions and often sporting their famous thick black manes.

Campsites are unfenced in the park and we commonly sit around a Leadwood fire listening to the far-off (and not so far-off 😊) booming roar of some territorial Lion.  Or perhaps choose to look up at the billions of stars in our southern skies, into the very heart of our enormous galaxy. 

Toilets are simple long drops that build character or the ubiquitous spade and loo roll!  For longer stays we set up a mobile ablution block with toilet and shower! Whilst water is always limited, a  cold bucket shower in this park will probably rank as the most glorious shower of your life!

CKGR is a vast, open landscape that can only be described as spiritual in its raw untamed African-ness.  Here is a place you can truly escape the frenetic noisy world of commerce and fill your very soul with the extraordinary power of the wilderness.  Only one word fully describes time spent in CKGR, it is unforgettable.