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Artwork by Paul  B. Dixon from his 2017 trip to Central

Kalahari. See more of his phenomenal art here.


Kalahari Dreaming operates out of a 7500-hectare game farm and cultural lodge owned by the Kalahari San and located 30km from the cattle town of Ghanzi in western Botswana and in close proximity to the Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR). Our vision is a joint venture with the San combining a cultural immersion at the game farm followed by an expedition into the CKGR with San trackers. Our premium package, the Eland Package, includes two nights at the San owned Dqae Qare San Lodge followed by a three-night expedition into the CKGR accompanied by San trackers and ending with a night in the lodge hosted by the San. Check out our Eland Package here.


We also offer longer safaris without the San immersion at Dqae Qare listed on this site or we can design a fully bespoke safari for you personally. We are specialists on CKGR, born of our passion and decades of experience in this wilderness.  Check out our credentials:


  • We have been associated with the San for over forty years and have lived with them on their farm in the Kalahari for the past nine years. We are deeply committed and knowledgeable about these ancient people and their egalitarian culture.

  • We have over four decades of experience as wildlife professionals and social ecologists with an exceptional knowledge of southern Africa from every perspective, the wildlife, the landscapes, the cultures and the cosmology.  We run all our safaris ourselves personally.

  • Our safaris are bespoke and designed for you exclusively yet remain highly competitive on price.  You will not be filling an empty seat in a safari vehicle.

  • Our equipment is first class including a fully enclosed, air-conditioned, custom build safari Land Cruiser, critical in this harsh environment where it can be bitterly cold in winter and very hot in summer.

  • We have forty years of continuous experience camping out in the bush and it shows, our bush food is peerless, and we know exactly how to make camping a fantastic experience for you.

  • As a bonus we have an outstanding knowledge of the southern night sky, quite breath-taking in this desert, and, weather permitting, we will share the wonders of the universe with you while on safari.


At over half a million hectares, CKGR is one of the last remaining wildernesses on Earth, comparable to Arnhem Land, the Amazon and Papua New Guinea.  This is the heartland of the famous Kalahari Desert, vast open spaces, fossilized ancient riverbeds and parched ancient lakes, enormous skies and with very few tourists.  The Reserve is famous for the Black Maned Kalahari Lion, the heaviest of Africa’s lions, great herds of Springbok and the tough Desert Oryx.  The southern night sky stares directly into the core of our galaxy with tens of thousands of stars, the campfires of the departed, according to the San. This vast open space is the ancestral home of our partners, the Kalahari San, from whom we have gained our love of this land for the past forty years and who you will come to know intimately during your time with Kalahari Dreaming.


''Africa……enigmatic, diverse and compelling! To journey into Africa will fundamentally change you forever…..to share this journey with people who KNOW Africa will enhance your experience immeasurably. Anne of “Kalahari Dreaming” is one of those people, along with her husband Greg. Together their intimate knowledge of Africa knows no bounds and they will share this with you along the road, in the bush and around the campfire. As their stories unfold you will gain a deeper understanding and perhaps a feeling of somehow belonging!...'' -----------Paul Dixon Artist Cape Town, South Africa
''The first few nights back, I couldn’t sleep. I hated the confinement of the four walls, missing the night sky of the Kalahari. It is changing the way I work. There really aren’t words to describe the experience. Very humbling and awesome.'' -------------Dierdre Gough, Therapist London, UK
''We had an amazing time with Anne and Greg on our Savuti and Moremi trip. They run a professional but friendly operation. They both have a wealth of experience while at the same time are relaxed and approachable. The game viewing and food was amazing! I would not hesitate to recommend them to guide a Botswana trip.'' -----------Dr Peter Nathaniel, Specialist Radiologist, Johannesburg, South Africa
"To be taken into the Kalahari by Anne and Greg, with their experience, knowledge of the bush and enthusiasm, is a most wonderful experience. This for me, is a must on any bucket list.'' --------Stuart Liddell Chief Executive Officer Ararat Windfarm Company Australia