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Artwork by Paul  B. Dixon from his 2017 trip to Central

Kalahari. See more of his phenomenal art here.


Kalahari Dreaming operates from our own property 8km out of the cattle farming town of Ghanzi in the remote western Botswana, far from the main tourism hubs of Maun and Kasane.  This is Bushman and cattle country and incorporates the vast wildernesses of Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR) and the Kgalagadi Trans-frontier Park (KTP). The Ghanzi and Kgalagadi districts are the wild west of southern Africa where one can step back through the pages of history, where cowboys on horseback herd cattle, where Bushmen dance under the Kalahari night skies, where an adventure is truly an adventure and a satellite phone is an essential piece of kit. Our lions are bigger than anywhere else, our skies are bigger than anywhere else and we roam the only recognized wilderness south of the Sahara. You really do need to spend time here, to immerse yourself in the immensity of this place, the huge open spaces and equally vast open night skies where thousands of stars and a spectacular galaxy just take your breath away. And you need to pick the right guides.

We have been exploring this area for over twenty years, we have lived here for over ten years, mostly with the Bushmen themselves. We have over forty years experience as wildlife professionals and social ecologists, developing social enterprise tourism destinations with rural people in some of the most precious biodiversity hotspots in Africa. We are professional guides, trained medics, off-road specialists, wildlife professionals, experts on the night skies, consummate masters at cooking up a storm on a campfire and getting philosophical over a G&T watching another awesome sunset over some remote pan. Mostly we are a dedicated husband and wife team, totally committed and passionate for the true Kalahari and looking for an opportunity to guide you here and share our love of this space. And we run all our safaris ourselves personally, just you and us and the Kalahari.

''Africa……enigmatic, diverse and compelling! To journey into Africa will fundamentally change you forever…..to share this journey with people who KNOW Africa will enhance your experience immeasurably. Anne of “Kalahari Dreaming” is one of those people, along with her husband Greg. Together their intimate knowledge of Africa knows no bounds and they will share this with you along the road, in the bush and around the campfire. As their stories unfold you will gain a deeper understanding and perhaps a feeling of somehow belonging!...'' -----------Paul Dixon Artist Cape Town, South Africa
''The first few nights back, I couldn’t sleep. I hated the confinement of the four walls, missing the night sky of the Kalahari. It is changing the way I work. There really aren’t words to describe the experience. Very humbling and awesome.'' -------------Dierdre Gough, Therapist London, UK
''We had an amazing time with Anne and Greg. They run a professional but friendly operation. They both have a wealth of experience while at the same time are relaxed and approachable. The game viewing and food was amazing! I would not hesitate to recommend them to guide a Botswana trip.'' -----------Dr Peter Nathaniel, Specialist Radiologist, Johannesburg, South Africa
"To be taken into the Kalahari by Anne and Greg, with their experience, knowledge of the bush and enthusiasm, is a most wonderful experience. This for me, is a must on any bucket list.'' --------Stuart Liddell Chief Executive Officer Ararat Windfarm Company Australia